Friday 07 August 2020

Countdown Timer for American troops to evacuate from Region

Two recent operations against American Military bases in Iraq, somehow describe that the countdown timer for American military presence in the Western Asia region has already started.

Analysts believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran, through its affiliated forces, is responding to American terrorists in the region in order to act at the right time and fully implement the hard revenge.

According to the International service of Qods News Agency (Qodsna), the recent developments in the region, have started the countdown timer of the total withdrawal of American forces from the region, this is even more tangible especially after the terrorist action of American fighter Jets horrifying Iranian airliner Mahan passenger plane.

US fighter jets recently approached and threatened an Iranian passenger plane in Syrian airspace in a dangerous move and escalated tensions between Iran & US. This happened in a situation where there was no threat from this civilian plane against the Americans. The move was intended to provoke Tehran in a persecution attempt.

Some believe that the purpose of the US fighter jets attacking the Iranian passenger plane was to try to divert the Syrian air defenses to attack the plane as a possible target, which reveals the sinister intention behind this action.

This issue, of course, was observed in the developments after the attack of American fighters on the Iranian airliner and the observation aftermath started from Iraq

Rocket attack on US military base

On the other hand, the Iraqi Al-Sumaria network reported, quoting security sources, that four Katyusha rockets hit the American military base in Besmaya.

The sources did not provide further details about the attack on the camp, which is home to foreign troops led by American terrorists.

The military base is located south of Baghdad, and a section of the US terrorist coalition was recently targeted by missiles.

The downing of the American drone

Al-Mayadin news website reported: The Islamic Resistance Group of the Companions of the Cave announced the downing of an American UAV in the airspace of Salahuddin province last night.

The drone was reportedly flown from a US base for reconnaissance and intelligence operations, but was shot down by Ashab al-Kahf Resistance Forces.

The resistance group issued a statement stressing: "This attack will not be the last operation against you (the Americans), and your drones are nothing but rubbish for us!"

The Cave Companions Resistance Group had earlier announced in early July the destruction of a US Army logistics unit in the Makishifa area of ​​Salah al-Din province.

According to Qodsna, analysts believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran, is using its proxies, for responding to US atrocities in the region in order so that Tehran will implement direct attacck at the appropriate time. Also, given that the Supreme Leader in his meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister emphasized the hard revenge to the United States in response to the assassination of Qassim Soleimani, the United States and its allies are currently in fear of a possible Iranian response. It is not far-fetched for the Americans to make a definite decision to leave Iraq in the near future, given the rising costs and casualties of their military presence.

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