Saturday 23 September 2017

Hamas leader underlines option of armed resistance

No attempt to throw out Palestinians’ armed resistance in the face of the Israeli occupation shall ever come true, deputy head of Hamas political bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouk said.

Photo exhibition held on Quds Intifada

34 pieces of photos are on display in the exhibition, according to Secretary General of the Union, Seyyed Abulqasem Rahimian who added that the exhibition aims to pass down the culture of Palestinian resistance to the young generation.

Fault at Israel's Tamar gas field prompts use of dirtier fuels

A fault in the supply of natural gas from Israel's only commercial field has forced Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz to authorise the use of alternative fuel sources to produce electricity

US and Israel isolated by expressing opposition to JCPOA

“We will promote our defensive and military power as much as we deem necessary,” Rouhani said. “We seek no one’s permission to defend our land.”

Nothing new in Abbas' UNGA speech - analyst

Abdussattar Qasem, professor of political science, said that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) reiterated the same old mistakes and did not come up with new information.

Hamas welcomes Abbas’s remarks on government’s coming to Gaza

Hamas welcomed Abbas’s announcement that the government in Ramallah would come to the Gaza Strip, affirming that it would cooperate with it to ensure its success in its mission.

PA head calls on UN to halt Israeli settlement activities

Palestinian Authority Head Mahmoud Abbas has called on the UN to end Israel’s "apartheid" regime in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Rights groups hand ICC evidence of Israeli crimes

Palestinian rights activists and lawyers have submitted a 700-page dossier to the International Criminal Court contending that high-level Israeli officials are complicit in crimes, including apartheid, crimes against humanity and persecution

Ex-PA negotiator says int'l consortium should take up Palestinian issue

Former PA negotiator said the only hope is with new talks mediated not by the U.S. but a consortium of global powers. But there is no clear path to getting Israel, or the U.S., to accept such a formula.

Israel detains wife and infant while visiting detained husband

Israeli soldiers abducted, Tuesday, the wife of a political prisoner, and their infant, while visiting him in Ofer Israeli prison, near Ramallah, in central West Bank.

Three detainees currently holding hunger strikes

The Palestinian Detainees Radio has reported, Tuesday, that three detainees, held by Israel, are ongoing with hunger strikes protesting being held without charges, bad living conditions and treatment.

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