Wednesday 29 March 2023

"Jenin" a role model
for other cities in West Bank

Seyyed Salman Razavi

Tehran (qodsna)- Seyyed Salman Razavi, Iranian expert on Palestinian affairs, in an exclusive interview with Qodsna stresses that "Jenin" is becoming a role model for other cities in West Bank regarding fighting against Zionist occupiers.


Zionists are extremely afraid of this fact. That why we are witnessing an increase in conflicts at this point, he noted.


The expert enumerates the efforts of Palestinian resistance for more self-reliance as one of the reasons for the rise on success against Zionist regime in recent operations.


The Palestinians in Gaza came to conclusion that the only way to confront the Zionist regime is to increase the fight and armed operations in the West Bank and occupied territories.


One of the other factors in the increase of the struggle in West Bank, especially in Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarem is the increase and expansion of the armed capacities of the Palestinians, he added.


Clearly, any disruption of current situation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will completely put Zionists on the defensive position, Razavi stressed.



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