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Hezbollah response to war to be devastating for Zionist regime

The Zionist regime has been threatening Lebanon with a large-scale war in recent weeks as clashes have intensified with the Hezbollah resistance movement. However, despite those threats, reports show that concerns are running high within Zionist political and military circles warning that any such war would leave massive devastation, including in the port city of Haifa.

Tehran, Qodsna - According to a Sunday report by Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, the Zionist threats to expand the war against Lebanon have left the opposite effect, as concerns and fears are growing within Zionist political, media and even military circles who have described any such war as “mass suicide” in the Zionist regime.


They argue that the Zionist army, which is unable to win in one front, can do nothing at the same time in six fronts, the newspaper said, citing a Zionist reserve general who had spoken of “a severe shortage of resources” in the army and warned of “disaster and destruction” in the Zionist regime, if a full-blown war breaks out with Hezbollah.  


Al Akhbar also cited a Haifa University professor who said that “a third of homes in the port city will be razed to the ground in any war with Hezbollah, and thousands of missiles will not leave much of Haifa.”


Zvika Haimovich, a former commander of Zionist air defense system, has expressed the same concern and fears over Hezbollah’s missile and drone capabilities, saying that many armies in the world do not possess such capabilities.


According to Al Akhbar, Zionist Haaretz newspaper has also said that Hezbollah, thanks to its precision weapons and technology, has turned into a smart army capable of collecting accurate information and threatening the Zionist military and the regime’s infrastructures.


Haaretz has specifically referred to Hezbollah’s drones which it says have provided great help to the movement to make equations and confront the regime. The Zionist newspaper believes that Hezbollah is in full readiness and can fight a long-time war, adding that the movement aims to have a war of attrition with the Zionist regime.

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