Sunday 21 July 2024

Scuffles erupt between Zionist police, anti-regime protesters

The Zionist police attacked and arrested several protesters who demanded the removal of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

Tehran, Qodsna - According to the Palestinian Samaa news agency, protestors blocked some of the streets of Tel Aviv in protest of the Zionist regime’s failure to reach an agreement with Hamas for the release of prisoners.


The Zionist demonstrators set fire in front of the Likud office in Tel Aviv and called for the overthrow of Netanyahu’s cabinet and an immediate exchange of prisoners with the Palestinian resistance group in Gaza.


Meanwhile, the Leader of the Labor Party Yair Golan said that the violence of the police in the Saturday demonstrations was too much and it is time for the police officers to ask themselves if they were serving the people or the minister of so-called national security of Zionist Itamar Ben-Gvir, who supports terrorists.


Media outlets reported large-scale demonstrations by Zionists against the Zionist prime minister in various cities of occupied Palestine, including Tel Aviv.


Thousands of Zionists in the cities of Tel Aviv, al-Quds, Haifa, Caesarea, Be’er Sheva, and some other cities started demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded his immediate removal and exchange of prisoners with the resistance in Gaza.


More than eight months have passed since the Zionist regime waged a genocidal war against the Gaza Strip in response to the Palestinian resistance’s retaliatory operation.


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