Friday 19 July 2024
Lebanese pundit in interview with Qodsna:

Regional players not to calm down until genocidal war in Gaza comes to an end

A Lebanese political expert told Qodsna that the West Asia region cannot experience tranquility until the day the Zionist regime halts its atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

Tehran, Qodsna - Sondoss Al Asaad said in an exclusive interview with the Qods News Agency that supporters of the Palestinian people will not remain silent amid the ethnic cleansing in Gaza.


The interview comes as follows:


Qodsna: What would be the future of war following the intensification of clashes between Israel and non-Palestinian resistance groups in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen?


Al Asaad: The future of the region depends on “Gaza’s Next Day”, the fate of the besieged enclave, who will take over it & manage its affairs, etc. This “Gaza’s Next Day” is of multiple versions according to the Persian Gulf states, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, the Palestinian Authority, and the resistance factions themselves. In fact, unless the fate and future of Gaza are known, the war there will not stop, and the main parties will not seek to stop it. This leads us to talk about the future of Lebanon as well. If the ethnic cleansing in Gaza continues to rage, the supporting fronts especially the Lebanese one- will not calm down, as there are intertwined factors linked to the entire geographical fate of West Asia. Indeed, “Gaza’s Next Day” is no longer limited to the situation in the Southern Lebanon that has been on fire for eight months, but rather has become intertwined with two crucial files, namely the suspended presidential elections and the situation of the displaced Syrians putting pressure on the country’s ill economy.




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