Friday 19 July 2024

Thousands of Gaza children diagnosed with severe malnutrition

The Palestinian government’s information center has warned of an increase in starvation in Gaza, stressing that 3,500 children in the enclave are threatened with death.

Tehran, Qodsna - The Zionist regime and its accomplice the US prevent the arrival of humanitarian aid and medical services to the Gaza Strip.


In a statement, the Palestinian government’s information center called on the global community to immediately meddle in the case and stop the Zionist crimes in Gaza.


Prior to this statement, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas had urged the United Nations and the world community to urgently take decision about cessation of starvation and genocidal acts in Gaza.


Hamas also called on the Arab and Islamic states to put pressure on the Zionist regime to open crossings and let in aid into Gaza.


The occupying Zionist regime and the US administration insist on keeping the civilian Palestinians in hunger.


Since the onset of war in Gaza, over 37,000, mostly women and children have been martyred in enclave.

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