Sunday 21 July 2024

US-UK coalition conducts airstrike at western Yemen

The US and the UK have carried out fresh airstrikes on Yemen as the Arab country continues its military operations in the high seas in support of the Palestinian people in war-ravaged Gaza.

Tehran, Qodsna - According to Yemeni media, the two Western states struck Hudaydah Province, western Yemen, five times on Monday night.


There was no immediate report of possible casualties or damage.


Washington and London began their joint airstrikes on Yemen in mid-January, two months after the Arab country launched its operations in international waters in support of Gazans.


The US and the UK claim that their strikes are aimed at protecting international shipping. Yemen however rejects the claim, arguing that its operations only target Israeli ships or any vessel that head for ports in the occupied territories.


Despite the American-British airstrikes, which Yemen sees as an act of aggression against its soil, the country has continued its operations and promised to keep them up until the Israeli regime stops its war on Gaza.

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