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Presidential hopefuls vow to adhere to Iran stance toward Palestine

Presidential hopefuls in the upcoming election in Iran have pledged that their administrations would abide by the Islamic Republic’s stance towards the Palestinian cause.

Tehran, Qodsna – Three presidential candidates took part in separate televised interviews with Al-Alam TV network in Tehran, where they all showed support for the Palestinians.


Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said, Palestine is the first issue of the Islamic world, as Imam Khomeini said. The Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, which in my view became a turning point in world history, will divide any political analysis and any decision into before and after the operation because it transformed everything.


The current Parliament speaker added, I believe that today the issue of Palestine is not just the issue of the Islamic world. Today, Palestine is a global issue; the issue of Palestine is a matter of humanity, freedom, and injustice. Today, supporting Palestine is not only in the Islamic Revolution and Islamic countries. It is everywhere, even in Europe and the US, even in the Hague court, today the conversation is about defending Palestine.


Mostafa Pourmohammadi emphasized, the great pain for all of us and the Islamic Ummah is the issue of Palestine. For decades, the worst oppression and crimes against this nation and people are ongoing. The pre-Islamic Revolution government of Iran was complicit in the formation of the usurper regime. Many Jews from Iran, not only from Iran but also from around Iran, were transferred, and the first and second Pahlavi regimes provided significant assistance to this criminal government.

The former Intelligence Minister also noted, however, the Islamic Republic has been clear about its policy from the beginning. The issue of Palestine is central in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our great Imam identified this central point well in our global policy. Our confrontation with the US and the unjust world is about Palestine.


Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi argued, the proposal of the Islamic Republic regarding the issue of Palestine is the most democratic proposal, meaning that Palestine is for all Palestinians of any race and ethnicity, and even not just for Palestinians but for the entire nations in the region.


The candidate added, we believe that the country belongs to the people of this land who should come together with equal rights, not that one group has more privileges than another group, decide together; so, the apartheid regime must be eliminated and people should discuss the issue of one state, not two states.


Ali-Reza Zakani said, establishing good neighborliness relations and enhancing the axis of resistance, creating cultural ties with nations, and creating ties with all neighboring governments, including Saudi Arabia, are part of his programs in the field of foreign policy.


He added, in these areas, defense and security agreements can be concluded with neighbors. Iran can play a pivotal role in the region, including the Caucasus, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq.


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