Sunday 21 July 2024

Palestinian resistance pounds Zionist settlement

News sources announced on Friday night that the rocket attacks by the Palestinian resistance from Gaza towards the Zionist settlement of Sadirot.

Tehran, Qodsna - From Shahab Palestinian news agency, Saraya al-Quds resistance group announced that the Zionist settlement of Sadirot in the Gaza Strip was targeted by rocket attacks.


According to this report, the alarm of a missile attack has sounded in the Zionist settlements bordering Gaza.


After more than seven months have passed since the Zionist regime invaded the Gaza Strip without any results and achievements, this regime is sinking more and more into its internal and external crises.


During this period, the Zionist regime has not achieved anything other than crime, massacre, destruction, war crimes, violation of international laws, bombing of relief organizations and famine in this region.


The regime has lost this war regardless of any gains in the future, and even after seven months, it has not been able to force the resistance groups to surrender in a small area that has been under siege for years, and the support of the world public opinion for committing obvious crimes in Gaza.

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