Wednesday 26 June 2024

Hezbollah launches airstrike on occupied Palestine

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement has carried out missile attacks on the Zionist positions in the northern settlement of Margaliot.

Tehran, Qodsna - Lebanese Hezbollah has issued a statement saying that the attack was carried out on Monday in a bid to support the Palestinian nation amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, as reported by Al-Mayadeen on Monday.


Islamic Resistance fighters targeted a building in the Zionist settlement of Margaliot, which was used as a base by the Zionists.


The supportive measure comes in response to the Zionist regime's invasion of villages in southern Lebanon.


Al-Mayadeen's correspondent has earlier reported that a barrage of missiles had targeted West Galilee for the second time.


The Lebanese resistance movement has pledged to continue its anti-Zionist operations until the Zionist regime stops its war on the besieged Gaza Strip.


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