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GMO: 700,000 people become infected as accumulated waste exacerbates health crisis

The Government Media Office (GMO) in the Gaza Strip revealed that 700,000 people have become infected with infectious diseases, including 8,000 cases of viral hepatitis, as a result of overcrowding in shelter centers amid fragile conditions, and the lack of food, water, and required health care.

The Gaza Municipality warned on Friday of the spread of dangerous diseases caused by rodents and harmful insects that have spread as a result of the accumulation of large quantities of solid waste in the city’s streets.


The municipality explained, in a statement, that the accumulation of waste was due to the depletion of fuel and preventing municipal crews from reaching the main landfill east of the city, in addition to destroying municipal machinery by Israeli occupation forces.


The municipality estimated the accumulation at 90,000 tons of solid waste and destroyed municipal machinery. The leakage of sewage into the city’s streets has led to the spread of diseases, pollution of the underground reservoir, and the spread of rats, harmful insects, and unpleasant odors in the city.”


The Israeli occupation forces, supported by the United States and Europe, continue to commit the crime of genocide in the Gaza Strip, for the 175th day in a row, by launching air strikes, artillery shelling, and fire belts, committing bloody massacres against civilians, and carrying out horrific crimes in the areas of incursion, amid a situation a catastrophic humanitarian crisis resulting from the siege and the displacement of more than 90 percent of the population.