Sunday 21 July 2024
UN data:

Nearly 89,000 Gaza structures either destroyed or damaged by Israel

Satellite images from the United Nations Satellite Center’s analysis show 35 percent of the buildings in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed or damaged due to the Israeli bombardment of the besieged Palestinian territory.

The center, known as UNOSAT, conducted an evaluation by utilizing high-resolution satellite images acquired on February 29. These images were then compared with the ones captured prior to and following the commencement of the Israeli campaign of death and destruction in Gaza.


The results revealed that nearly 89,000 buildings had been either damaged or destroyed completely.


“UNOSAT identified 31,198 destroyed structures, 16,908 severely damaged structures and 40,762 moderately damaged structures, for a total of 88,868 structures,” UNOSAT stated in its report.


This signifies a rise of close to 20,000 damaged structures in contrast to the earlier evaluation conducted using images captured in January, which revealed that 30 percent of all buildings had been damaged or demolished, as reported by UNOSAT.


The imagery also revealed that Israel has caused the damage of more than 100,000 residential units.


“These correspond to around 35% of the total structures in the Gaza Strip and a total of 121,400 estimated damaged housing units.”


Out of all of the Gaza Strip, Khan Younis has witnessed the “highest rise in damage,” the report said, and the “highest number of newly destroyed structures.”


“The governorates of Khan Younis and Gaza have experienced the highest rise in damage, with 12,279 new structures damaged in Khan Younis and 2,010 in Gaza.


“Khan Younis City had the highest number of newly destroyed structures, with 6,663 in total.”


Tragedy at hospital


Following four days of siege, Israeli forces on Thursday blew up the main surgical building at Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical complex.


The complex served as a place of refuge for thousands of Palestinians in search of safe haven.


The people inside were ordered by the Israeli military to evacuate before they demolished it.


Early on Thursday morning, Israeli forces warned them that the air force would soon begin bombing the complex, and that they should surrender themselves.


“We warned you, we warned you, we warned you,” an Israeli soldier could be heard saying on a loudspeaker. “Do not make a mistake, do not try us.”


“If you leave the building [without the army’s orders], the soldiers will shoot at you.”


A social media viral video depicts women and children rushing to evacuate, anticipating the forthcoming words by the Israeli military. Men were said to have been escorted by the soldiers.


Zionist regime’s forces have also blown up several homes in the vicinity of the hospital, according to Al Jazeera.



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