Sunday 21 July 2024

Hamas says Israeli massacres aim to force Palestinians out of Gaza

Hamas said in a statement on Sunday that Israel aims to exterminate Palestinians and force them out of the Gaza Strip.

“The discovery of nearly 100 martyrs after the criminal Zionist occupation forces withdrew from the neighborhoods of Al-Rimal and Tal Al-Hawa in Gaza City, most of whom were martyred by the bullets of the occupation’s murderous Nazi snipers, indicates the criminal approach followed by this entity with the aim of extermination and forcing our people to forcibly migrate from their land,” the Movement said.


Hamas called on the International Court of Justice to document Israel’s actions and hold the country accountable for them.


In another press release, Hamas said “The crime committed by the terrorist occupation army in the Abu Iskandar neighborhood, north of Gaza City, and the targeting by its snipers of defenseless civilians, including children and women, in the streets and roads, and the continuation of civilian sniping crimes, especially in the vicinity of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, is an extension of the ongoing war of extermination waged by the Zionist enemy against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, in front of the entire world.”


“We call on the International Court of Justice, which approved a set of decisions aimed at protecting civilians from acts of genocide, to follow up on these ongoing crimes and document them.”


“We also call on the UN Security Council to stand up to its responsibilities and take serious measures to ensure the cessation of these horrific crimes.”


Earlier Sunday, about 100 bodies were recovered after the Israeli army withdrew from two Gaza City neighborhoods. Most of the bodies were martyred by sniper bullets.

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