Thursday 25 April 2024

The assassination diplomacy:
The survival story of a regime that feeds on terror

Zahra Akbari


Unlike many countries that have formed their military and security structures after their establishment, the Zionist regime was born from terror squads.


This involved occupying a country, calling Zionists from around the world, and forming a new state on the ruins of the previous one. This process required the removal and silencing of opposition voices. The targets of these assassinations included not only Palestinians and Arabs but also British officers who were trying to protect British interests in Palestine and Jews who were against the idea of Zionism.


After its establishment, terror became a central goal of the regime's military and security structures. Whenever there was a fear that the balance of power in the region would shift against the Zionists, the terror machine was activated. The leaders of the Zionist regime have worked to create a balance between an innocent public face and a terrifying one. The innocent face is used to justify the occupation and crimes of the regime, gain international support, and portray resistance as unjustified. The terrifying face, as a complement to the innocent face of the regime, sends this message to the opponents that wherever you are, we will come to you and your opposition to the Zionist regime will cost you.


Since the Second World War, the Zionist regime has been responsible for more assassinations than any other country. This terror apparatus is not just a means to eliminate opposition but is also a tool for achieving foreign policy goals. Even individuals or countries not directly opposing the regime may become targets if they serve the regime's interests. The regime targets people whose absence could change the course of history, such as prominent scientists or military commanders. These operations are sometimes carried out directly by the regime and sometimes through proxy forces and terrorist groups with their support. Terrorist groups like ISIS have always enjoyed the favor and support of this regime and have not caused the slightest harm to this regime during their activities in the region.


In recent years, the Zionist regime has been involved in numerous terrorist operations in various countries. Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, West Germany (September 1962), Uruguay, Lebanon, Italy, France and Greece are only some of the countries where terror operations have been carried out. The Islamic Republic of Iran has consistently been a target of direct and indirect terrorist attacks by the Zionist regime. The pretext for these attacks has often been Iran's nuclear program, which the Zionist regime has used as a justification for its actions, citing "Iran's imminent danger."


Israel's terror activities in Iran reached a peak during the 2010s. Several notable figures, including Massoud Ali Mohammadi (January 2010), Majid Shahriari (November 2010), Dariush Rezainejad (July 2011), General Hassan Tehrani Moghadam (November 2011), Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan (January 2012), and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (November 2020), were assassinated as part of these operations, often in front of their families. What is clear is that the intelligence agencies of the Zionist regime have never been alone in designing and implementing their operations and have always benefited from the intelligence agencies of their friendly countries and some international organizations.


Following the October 7 operation and the Zionist regime's aggression on the Gaza Strip, as well as its involvement in conflicts on multiple fronts, the regime continues to pursue its terror activities. It adeptly presents both an innocent face to justify its actions and a menacing one to intimidate its opponents. The regime's terror apparatus has been known to target individuals from newborn children to senior military commanders, all in an effort to sway the course of the war in its favor. It remains to be seen when the leaders of the Zionist regime will realize that resorting to bloodshed for survival does not guarantee the continued existence of their regime.


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