Sunday 03 March 2024
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Ansar Allah forces seize an Israeli ship in the Red Sea

The Yemeni armed forces, led by Ansar Allah, seized an Israeli ship in the Red Sea and tugged it to the Yemeni coast, and detained its crew.


"The Yemeni armed forces conducted a military operation in the Red Sea, which resulted in the seizure of an Israeli ship. It was towed to the Yemeni coast. The Yemeni armed forces are treating the ship’s crew in compliance with the values of our Islamic religion," Ansar Allah movement spokesman Yahya Saria has said.


The Al Jazeera television channel reported that the ship has a crew of 52, with their citizenship not specified.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed the news, blaming Iran for the incident.


The cargo ship, Bahamas-flagged Galaxy Leader, was leased from a British company partly owned by Israeli Rami Unger to a Japanese company,” The Jerusalem post reported.


An Israeli military spokesperson described the event as “a very dangerous development.”




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