Sunday 03 March 2024

Scholz’s Foolish/Fiendish
Support for Israel’s Crimes

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer


The casualty toll of the unabated almost 3-week genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip is nearly 8,000 dead, of whom 2,000 are innocent children, while most of the other victims are women, in addition to twenty-five thousand injured – many of them in critical condition in the absence of medicine, bombing of hospitals and killing of doctors, nurses and paramedics – all of which have shocked the civilized world, yet the German Chancellor has ignored these crimes against humanity by issuing a statement that could either be called foolish or fiendish.


Olaf Scholz, at last Thursday’s 5-hour long summit of European Union in Brussels on ways to tone down the carnage of the defencless, even raised the eyebrows of many of his counterparts – none of whom sympathetic to the Palestinian cause but articulately concealing their pro-Israeli stance, when he said:

“Israel is a democratic state with very humanitarian principles guiding it, and therefore, you can be sure that the Israeli army, in what it does, will also observe the rules that follow from international law. I have no doubt about that.”


His sadistic remarks showed his slavish mentality towards Zionism, which since the end of World War 2 and forging of the myth of the holocaust, has made European leaders, especially those of Germany, to laud the savagery of Usurper Israel against the indigenous people of Palestine as ‘humanitarian’.


Scholz and his ilk appear as no more than puppets who have sacrificed the dignity of Europe by acting as per the script drafted by Britain and the US – the creator and the blind backer of the illegal Zionist entity respectively, or more properly, the two victors of the 1939-45 war that killed 50 million Christians and many Muslims, while only a few thousand Jews may have lost their life.


It is a pity that the proud German people who gave to the world such eminent figures as Johannes Gutenberg (scientist), Martin Luther (religious reformer), Johann Sebastian Bach (musician), Johann Wolfgang Goethe (poet/philosopher), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer), Otto von Bismarck (statesman), and Paul Gottlieb Nipkow (inventor) are being held hostage by the non-Semitic Khazar converts to Judaism who were illegally installed as rulers of Palestine and mischievously called ‘Israelis’, while they have no connection whatsoever to the ancient Israelite tribes, most of whose descendants today are Muslims and Christians – mercilessly being massacred by the Zionists.


It is time the German people wake up to the realities and assert their independence from the American stranglehold which has detached most Europeans from their history and turned their countries into US military bases for proliferation of terrorism worldwide – in Ukraine, in Africa, and in West Asia.


As for the Palestinians, they will never be decimated from their homeland and continue to offer martyrs in tens of thousands until the last Zionist is kicked off from the Levant.


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