Monday 15 July 2024

Euro-Med: Israel martyred about 100 kids every day in Gaza

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has said that the Israeli occupation army has been martyring an average of 100 Gazan children every day since it launched its large-scale war on the besieged coastal enclave on October 7.


“The Israeli army is crushing the innocence of Gaza’s children,” Euro-Med stated in a report on Tuesday.


According to Euro-Med’s new report, 1,046 children had been martyred in Israeli attacks on Gaza until Monday night (October 16), while efforts are underway to reach about 167 others who are under the rubble of bombed residential buildings.


Israel’s relentless attacks on Gaza also injured 3,250 other children, and at least 1,240 of them need special medical care.


“The children of Gaza have been severely harmed since the start of the current Israeli war and they have emerged as a top target during the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza,” Euro-Med said, stressing that “the war have torn apart families and inflicted devastating impacts on children.”


Euro-Med also talked about many children who survived Israeli attacks, but they lost one or both parents and became homeless after their homes were destroyed.


Euro-Med said that it has hundreds of photos and video clips showing dead children with smashed heads and mutilated bodies or with fatal internal injuries, adding that scores of children in Gaza hospitals also suffer from horrific burns or injuries, not to mention their suffering from different psychological traumas.



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