Monday 15 July 2024

Tens of thousands gather in London in solidarity with Palestinians

In solidarity with the Palestinian people, a huge rally was held in London on Saturday in protest against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Protesters, who gathered at central Portland Place, shouted "Free Palestine" and demanded an immediate end to Israeli airstrikes and blockade on Gaza.


Organized by several groups, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the demonstration took place under intense police presence, as it was announced earlier that more than 1,000 police officers were deployed to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of the rally.


The crowd later marched towards the prime minister's office on Downing Street as they decried the UK government's support for Israel.


They chanted slogans against Israeli occupation and carried Palestinian flags and signs, with some of them reading: "Freedom for Palestine," "Sanctions on Israel," and "Stop Arming Israel."


For the 8th consecutive day, Israeli warplanes have launched hundreds of air raids on civilian houses and infrastructure in various areas of the Gaza Strip, leading to hundreds of casualties and vast destruction.

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