Friday 08 December 2023

Hamas hails fresh resistance operations in W. Bank

Hamas spokesman Mohamed Hamada has applauded the shooting operations that were carried out by Palestinian resistance fighters against the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in different areas of the West Bank today, describing them as a “natural response to the Israeli violations at the Aqsa Mosque on Sunday.”

In press remarks on Monday, spokesman Hamada stressed that these shooting operations in the Jordan Valley, Jenin and Nablus reflected further the vigilance and strength of the resistance in the West Bank and its ability to reach Israeli troops and settlers in any area.


The spokesman warned the Israeli occupation that the ongoing settler violations at the Aqsa Mosque would be met with successive responses from the Palestinian resistance.


During separate incidents, Palestinian resistance fighters carried out shooting attacks on Israeli forces in different areas of the West Bank, including in the Jordan Valley and Jenin.


According to media reports, resistance fighters opened fire from a speeding car at Zionist troops in the Jordan Valley on Monday evening.


Other group of fighters targeted an IOF vehicle near the illegal settlement of Meirav in eastern Jenin and caused damage to it.


A similar shooting attack targeted at dawn the Israeli checkpoint of Salem in western Jenin.






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