Wednesday 06 December 2023
Palestinian MP Kharisha:

Oslo accords is a “great disappointment to our people”

MP Hasan Kharisha, second deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), has described the Oslo accords as a “great disappointment to the Palestinian people,” saying these agreements led to more settlements and settlers.


“Such a disappointment was felt even by the Palestinian negotiators after the interim agreements expired and the occupation state evaded all its pledges,” MP Kharisha stated in press remarks on Wednesday.


“The Palestinian Authority pinned its hope on the illusions of peace projects and aspired to a state within five years after signing the agreements, but later the Palestinian Authority eroded and became one of the occupation state’s tools against the Palestinian people’s resistance,” the lawmaker said.


The lawmaker also expressed his belief that the Oslo accords opened the doors to the Arab normalization and made the occupation state a natural part of the region.


He affirmed that the Palestinian people cannot coexist with the Israeli occupation, so they build up their strength in Gaza and the West Bank to confront the occupation and its Zionist project.


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