Monday 22 July 2024
Over assault on Palestinian women:

Jordanian MPs urge Israeli envoy expulsion

Dozens of Jordanian lawmakers have called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador in response to the forced stripping of five Palestinian women by Zionist troops during a raid on their home in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil.

In a statement on Thursday, 59 members of the House of Representatives said that the development “reflects the extent of the moral decadence that the Israeli occupation army and its regime have reached as a result of the deafening silence of the United Nations and international organizations.”


The legislators in the 130-seat assembly endorsed the demand for expelling the Israeli envoy, and called upon senior authorities to issue statements in condemnation and rejection of Israeli actions.


Earlier, the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement had stated that the humiliating assault against five Palestinian women in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil “confirms once again that the rogue Israeli regime does not respect any international law or convention.”


“Israel shows no interest in international law that protects people living under occupation, while the international community continues to ignore Israeli crimes which continue unabated,” it said in a statement.


“Hamas emphasizes that these crimes are a serious escalation that will not pass without reprisals from the Palestinian people. All Israeli crimes are aimed at terrorizing Palestinian people and stopping their resistance and struggle for freedom. Such schemes are doomed to failure in the face of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people,” the movement said.


The incident occurred during a military aggression against a Palestinian family’s building on July 10, following intelligence alleging the presence of weapons. The building housed 26 individuals from the same family, including 15 children and teenagers aged between 4 and 17, according to the Hebrew-language Haaretz newspaper.


The Palestinian women were then made to walk naked in front of the soldiers and some family members after a meeting between the women and members of the Palestinian family.


According to the women, the soldiers threatened to release the attack dogs on them if they did not comply with their demands. Male Palestinians were subjected to body searches but were not forced to undress.



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