Tuesday 21 May 2024 
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Abu Kweik calls for confronting Israeli Judaization plan in Al-Quds

The Hamas leader Hussein Abu Kweik has condemned the new Israeli Judaization plan that seeks to take over full control of Occupied Jerusalem, calling on the Palestinian people to confront the plan by all means possible. 

In a press statement on Saturday, Abu Kweik stressed that this plan aims at changing the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem in addition to changing the educational curriculum of schools in the holy city.


Abu Kweik hailed the bravery of the Palestinian people who have been protecting Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque against the Israeli desecration, calling on Arab and Muslim nations to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


He also called on the Palestinian resistance factions to develop a strategic plan that aims at achieving Palestinian national unity and confronting the Israeli occupation and its settlers.


The Israeli government’s five-year plan targets changing Islamic features of the holy city and weakening Muslim worshipers' ability to reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque as a prelude to assuming full control over it.



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