Saturday 13 July 2024

A campaign launched in the Netherlands to free Amin Abu Rashed

The #FreeAmin campaign called for the immediate release of the Palestinian activist in the Netherlands and head of the European Campaign to Lift the Siege on Gaza, Amin Abu Rashed, who has been detained by the Dutch authorities for nearly two months with direct incitement from the Zionist lobby in the country.

This came during a press conference held by the Free Amin Campaign in Amsterdam, on Thursday evening, in the presence of his wife and lawyer, Nike Bremen, and the campaign's spokesperson, Oscar Bergman.


During the event, lawyer Nike Bremen affirmed that the Public Prosecution had arrested Amin Abu Rashed on charges of financing terrorist associations, claiming that he had transferred approximately 5.5 million euros to the Hamas Movement.


The prosecution's reliance on outside reports leaves them without a firm foundation upon which to base their accusations against Amin Abu Rashed, the lawyer added.


The case of Palestinian activist Amin Abu Rashid relies on skewed reports without any demonstrable legal support, he added.


A hearing is scheduled for October. Many details of the case cannot be revealed until then, but it is obvious that the arrest was made on Israel's whims and in obedience to its demands rather than on the basis of solid evidence. No proof exists that he sends money to Hamas, the lawyer affirmed.


For her part, Amin Abu Rashed's wife affirmed that her family has been residents of the Netherlands for thirty years. 


"We have always been dedicated to upholding Dutch law," she said. 


Although my husband requires specialized medical attention, he is being detained against his will in response to Israel's request. He applied for treatment two weeks ago, but only today has he received it, she pointed out.


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