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Israel plans to displace 200,000 Palestinians from Occupied Al-Quds

The Zionist regime’s authorities continue to target the Palestinian presence in Occupied Al-Quds, through demolition and displacement policies.


The director of the Al-Quds Center for Social and Economic Rights, Ziad Al-Hamouri, said that Al-Quds is subjected to massive Judaization plans.


Hamouri noted that the Israeli government intends to relocate 300,000 settlers to Occupied Al-Quds, bringing the total number of Jewish settlers in the occupied city to 500,000.


Additionally, he expressed concern about Israeli plans to expel over 200,000 Palestinians from Occupied Al-Quds.


He clarified that the Israeli government does not want the proportion of Palestinians in Al-Quds to rise above 12% of the entire population.


Hamouri also emphasized how the Israeli settlement building boom has significantly reduced the geographic proximity of the Palestinian towns in Al-Quds.


Israeli authorities have authorized the construction of 10,000 housing units and 20 settlements in Occupied Al-Quds.


Meanwhile, he sternly warned that more than 20,000 demolition orders might be carried out at any time.