Friday 19 July 2024

Rallies in US and Europe in solidarity with Jenin, Palestinian people

Hundreds of American citizens, including Palestinians, held last Friday solidarity rallies in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, denouncing the Israeli military aggression against Palestinians in Jenin City and its refugee camp.


The marches were organized in front of the UN headquarters in New York City, Paterson in New Jersey, and Chicago in Illinois.


The participants called on the US administration and decision-making bodies in Washington to intervene to curb Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian people, hold its leaders accountable for their violations, and put an end to settler terrorism in the occupied territories.


Similar marches and rallies were also held recently in different European cities, including in the capital cities of Italy, Spain and Austria.


The protesters carried Palestinian flags and banners and chanted slogans in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


US rally


US rally



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