Thursday 25 April 2024
Canadian political expert told Qodsna:

Palestinians’ will to resist grows every day

Israel is clearly the bad guy and Palestinians are the victims. Palestinians’ will to resist and their support around the world grows every day.


Qodsna (Tehran) - Speaking to Qods News Agency, a Canadian writer, senior journalist and political expert Eric Walberg talked about the future of resistance and Zionist regime as well as the latest developments in Palestine especially after that Israeli forces launched a large military operation in Jenin in the northern West Bank.


Answering the question that whether the Palestinian resistance could have secured the legitimate rights of Palestinians and how do you evaluate the future of resistance? Walberg said: The situation of Palestinians is bleak and seems only to get bleaker. But their will to resist grows at the same time and their support around the world.


Israel is clearly the bad guy, Palestinians the victims. We can only marvel at their unflagging will. Israel hopes to push all Palestinians to leave their homes to make way for a steady stream of foreign Jews coming to perform aliya and move into Palestinian lands. The irresistible force is met by the immovable object.


Israel is collapsing from within. In recent weeks, Zionist authorities, media and experts have openly admitted that the discussion of the collapse of Israeli society is serious. Israeli regime President Isaac Herzog warned of "collapse" and "implosion" as angry protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led far-right cabinet's controversial "judicial reform plan" gather momentum in the occupied territories.


Pointing to the signs of Zionist regime’s collapse, Walberg said: I am puzzled at the energy that Israelis have to fight legal reforms. There is no lack of elections in Israel, Netanyahu is the longest serving prime minister in Israel's history. Why this is such a battle is a mystery. The scheme is the workings of a mix of militant ultra religious and atheists. A poisonous brew.


“No one pays any attention to the concerns of the people who have lived in Palestine for centuries. It's as if Israelis live on another planet”, he added.


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