Friday 19 July 2024

Three administrative captives enter day 12 of their hunger strike

Three Palestinian administrative captives entered on Thursday day 12 of the hunger strike they staged in protest at their illegal detention with no indictment or trial.

The hunger-striking detainees are Anas Shadeed, Mahmoud Talahma and Abdullah Abido.


As a result of their hunger strike, the three prisoners reportedly suffer from dizziness, headaches, joint pains, general fatigue and a constant desire to vomit.


In a previous letter leaked from Ofer jail, the detainees said that they were determined to continue their hunger strike until Israeli jailers respond to their demands and set time limits for their administrative detention.


According to the letter, the hunger strikers only drink water without taking any vitamins.


The three detainees have been locked up in small and dirty isolation cells in Ofer jail since they started the hunger strike. The cells are also windowless and monitored by security cameras around the clock.


Zionist troops also raid their cells every day, sometimes four times a day, and forcibly strip-search them.




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