Sunday 03 March 2024

Jabarin: Administrative detention organized crime against Palestinians

Member of Hamas’s political bureau and head of the Movement’s office of martyrs, wounded and prisoners, Zahir Jabarin, has said that the continued Israeli policy of administrative detention against Palestinian prisoners amounts to an organized crime that violates all international laws and conventions.

In a press statement on Saturday, Jabarin stressed that the open-ended hunger strike set to start on the 18th of June constitutes a new chapter of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation. 


“The Israeli occupation exercises oppression against the Palestinian administrative detainees without being held accountable,” Jabarin underlined, pointing out that the number of Palestinian administrative detainees has reached 1,083.


Jabarin reiterated that Palestinian detainees have the right to confront the unjust administrative detention and all forms of arbitrary imprisonment by all means possible. 


Last Monday, the administrative detainees committee announced that the Palestinian administrative detainees will go on an open-ended hunger strike on the 18th of June.


Administrative detention, which is a crime against international law, is incarceration without trial or charge and is widely used by Israel against the Palestinians solely at the pretext that a person plans to commit a future offense.



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