Thursday 30 May 2024

Meeting in support of Palestine held in Iran

The closer relation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the countries of the region is a golden opportunity to support Palestine.


The meeting of Pro-Palestinian NGOs in Iran and the Committee for the Support of the Islamic Revolution of the Palestinian People held in Presidential Administration of Iran.


Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, the chairman of the Committee for the Support of the Islamic Revolution of the Palestinian People hosted a meeting with the presence of the chairmen and officials of the Pro-Palestinian associations in Iran.  


The meeting was focused on examining the latest developments in occupied Palestine and assessing the state of the resistance movements after the recent wars of Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.  


At the beginning of this meeting, Hojat-ol-Islam Akhtari said that the conditions of Palestine are changing day by day. Today, the situation of the Palestinians is not the same as 20 or 40 years ago. Now the equations between the Palestinian resistance and Zionist regime’s army witnessed a significant difference.


The West Asian region (Middle East), according to the Supreme Leader - will witness new positive developments and a bright future very soon, he said.


Pointing to the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of resistance movements and the Palestinian people, Akhtari also said "Our duty as supporters of the Palestinian resistance is to strengthen the unity between the Palestinian groups. Another issue is accelerating the process of reducing tension between our country and other Islamic countries in the region. We must take advantage of this opportunity and the capacity of non-governmental and Islamic institutions and reveal the atrocities and crimes of Zionist regime against the oppressed Palestinians.


Meanwhile, an expert on the Palestinian and Israeli issues in Iran pointed out the goals of the Zionist regime in launching the recent wars against the Palestinian resistance and said: "The Zionist regime, by carrying out extensive military attacks on Palestinian areas, especially the Gaza Strip, intended to realize several important and fundamental goals:

  1. Reviving the lost deterrence power that this regime is still alive and not dead
  2. 2- Strengthening the Israeli political coalitions inside the occupied territories that have been involved in deep disputes for a long time ago.
  3. 3- Sending a political message to the Palestinians and its supporters (including Iran) that Israel is still alive and has not weakened
  4. Creating sedition between Hamas and Islamic Jihad


Pointing to the result of the recent war against the Gaza Strip and the resistance, the expert said: "None of Tel Aviv's planned goals against the Palestinians, the most important of which was deterrence, to no avail, and this was the greatest achievement of this war for Palestine and the resistance".


However, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran Nasser Abu Sharif also said that the society of the Zionist regime is extremely vulnerable.


The Zionist regime is in a situation that is becoming more critical, and if it is drawn into an internal conflict, this regime will lose its short life, he added.


The Zionist regime’s relations with the Jews of Europe and America are getting worse and the economic and political pressures against the regime on the rise and the immigration of Jews from abroad to the occupied territories are reducing. These are the issues that make it harder for the occupying regime to keep existence, Abu Sharif explained.


At the end of the meeting, other activists and representatives of non-governmental organizations expressed their opinions in supporting Palestinian people and the resistance movements.


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