Thursday 30 May 2024

Abbas signs decree criminalizing ‘Nakba’ denial

PA executive order says anyone found guilty of denying ‘crime against humanity’ carried out by Zionist gangs in 1948 faces up to 2 years in jail.

Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas has signed a presidential decree that criminalizes denying the Palestinian “Nakba” or “the Catastrophe” which is refers to Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


The decree states that anyone found guilty of denying the “catastrophe” inflicted upon Palestinians by Zionist forces in 1948 will face up to two years in jail.


It defines the “Nakba” as “a crime against humanity” carried out by the “Zionist gangs,”.


At a speech this month before the UN General Assembly during its first-ever event marking Nakba Day, Abbas donned a key pin on his lapel symbolizing the Palestinian desire to return to the homes they lost during the 1948 Independence War. 


Abbas, who previously spoke about his recognition that he would not be able to return to his birth town of Safed, told the UN that he desired to do just that.

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