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Prime Minister Shtayyeh, Egypt’s intelligence chief discuss alleviation of Gaza suffering

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and Egypt intelligence chief Abbas Kamel discussed the means to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza.

During a meeting in the attendance of the Interior Minister, Major General Ziad Hab al-Reeh, Public Works & Housing Minister Mohammad Ziara and Palestine’s Ambassador to Egypt Diab Al-Louh in Cairo, Premier Shatayyeh discussed with Egypt intelligence chief Abbas Kamel issues of mutual concern, most notably the means to relieve the suffering of the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.


As part of the envisaged relief of Gaza suffering, they tackled, in particular, the facilitation of free movement of Gaza people through border crossings; supplying electricity from Egypt to the besieged enclave to raise electricity efficiency and capacity and progress on Gaza reconstruction.


Prime Minister Shtayyeh stressed the need for an Egyptian role in the construction of donor-funded seawater desalination plants in Gaza as well as in the activation of Palestinian mobile phone networks in Egypt.


He briefed Egypt’s intelligence chief on the latest developments on the Palestinian arena, in light of the escalation of Israeli violations, and called for the exertion of pressure on Israel so that it would halt its recurrent incursions into Palestinian cities, villages and camps, colonial settlement construction, extrajudicial killings, and illegal deductions from Palestinian tax revenues, while highlighting the necessity to an international initiative to revive the peace process.


In conclusion, Prime Minister Shtayyeh expressed his appreciation of Egypt’s efforts to support of the Palestinian cause and sponsor the intra-Palestinian reconciliation, and stressed durable and deep bilateral relations between the two countries.


Meanwhile, Shtayyeh held a separate meeting with Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo.


During the meeting, Tawadros II emphasized that the Palestinian question would remain central to the Coptic Orthodox Church and urged the world to halt the policy of double standards in dealing with the Palestinian people’s inalienable rights and just question.