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Ebrahim Raeisi: Unilateralism in decline on global stage

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has said unilateralism is in decline on the global stage, underlining how it is rather the regional countries and establishments, which are coming to the fore in determining international equations and future developments.

Raeisi made the remarks on Tuesday, meeting with Kairat Sarybay, the visiting secretary general of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).


Since the establishment of CICA by Kazakhstan in 1992, the body has been serving as an inter-governmental forum striving to enhance cooperation toward the promotion of peace, security, and stability in Asia.


Russia and China as well as countries like Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey are members of CICA.


Raeisi judged the course of international developments to be headed towards multilateralism, stating, "With the [underway] decline of unilateralism in the world, it is [rather] the countries of the region and regional organizations that determine the future of [both] the region and the world."


The Iranian chief executive noted that CICA holds profuse and manifold capacities that could be used towards the enhancement of interaction among its members.


He also laid emphasis on the need for the existence of sustainable communication among the body's member states.


Raeisi hoped that the member states' contribution and expansion of the activities of the body's secretariat would give way to further fortification of CICA's standing.


He concluded his remarks by expressing Iran's readiness to share its experiences, especially in the field of science and technology, economic development, and fighting terrorism and organized crime, with the body's other members, and stressed the importance of reinforcement of intra-regional corridors.


Sarybay, for his part, commended Iran's role in hosting the forum's various events, especially those that concern economic development and fighting terrorism.


He hailed the Islamic Republic's progress in various fields, including science and technology, and urged that Tehran share its experience in those areas with the other countries that member CICA.


The official, meanwhile, expressed delight over a decision made by the heads of state of CICA's member countries to establish a fund aimed at assisting the body's constituent states as well as enhancement of interaction among them. He also voiced gratitude towards the Islamic Republic for its contribution in these areas.


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