Thursday 05 October 2023

Hamas congratulates Erdogan on election victory

The Hamas Movement has extended its sincere congratulations to Turkish president Recep Erdogan on winning a new presidential term and graining his people’s renewed confidence in his ability to lead the country to further progress, stability and prosperity.

In a statement on Sunday evening, Hamas also congratulated the Turkish people from all spectra on the success of their country’s democratic process, stressing that the presidential election “reflected a unique civilized image of the Turkish Republic and its people.”


The Movement expressed its hope that President Erdogan’s historic victory in the election would be a new starting point for Turkey to strengthen its Arab and Islamic relations and its regional and international stature and to support the world’s oppressed peoples and just causes, especially the Palestinian people’s national cause and their right to freedom, self-determination and an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.


For his part, Hamas top leader Ismail Haneyya congratulated Erdogan over his election victory, adding that he looked forward to more Turkish support for the Palestine cause and Jerusalem.


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