Thursday 05 October 2023

Raeisi: Iran, Oman share stance on regional cooperation, stability

President Ebrahim Raeisi says Iran and Oman have a common stance on the improvement of security, peace and welfare of the nations in the region.


Raeisi was addressing a meeting between senior delegations of Iran and Oman in Tehran on Sunday in the presence of Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said.


The Iranian president said the common approach of strengthening regional convergence pursued by the two countries will contribute to enhanced relations.


He said Tehran and Muscat have progressed in improving ties from trade to the investment level.


The Iranian president said the two countries enjoy capacities to enhance cooperation in the fields of industry, trade, communications, defense and security affairs, road and rail routes, maritime transportation and transit, financial and monetary exchanges and energy.


Iran, Oman must work for more cooperation: Sultan Haitham


Sultan Haitham, for his part, pointed to the considerable improvement of Tehran-Muscat ties and said both sides have managed to double mutual trade exchanges since the Iranian president's visit to Muscat last May.


He said the two countries should make more efforts to reach an appropriate level of cooperation given their capacities.


During President Raeisi's key trip to Muscat, Iranian and Omani officials signed 12 cooperation documents and memorandums of understanding for the expansion of bilateral cooperation in various fields.


Also on Sunday, Iranian and Omani officials signed four documents to improve cooperation in the economy, energy and investment fields as well as free zones.


Sultan Haitham’s visit to Tehran marks a significant milestone in relations between the two regional allies, opening new avenues for closer diplomatic cooperation and increased dialogue.


Oman has long been an interlocutor in interactions between the West and Iran. The country has mediated the release of several foreign citizens and dual nationals. The country has also played a mediating role between Tehran and the West in the build-up to a nuclear deal Iran and world powers reached in 2015.


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