Sunday 16 June 2024

$1.3m losses in Gaza agricultural sector due to the Israeli aggression

The Gaza Ministry of Agriculture has said that initial damage to the agricultural sector as a result of the recent Israeli aggression was placed at 1,300,275 USD. 

In a press conference at the government media office in Gaza, the Ministry reported that the losses included the destruction of many acres of vegetable crops and trees as a result of direct targeting as well as the disruption of water for irrigation purposes.


“The bombardment has resulted in a sharp drop in the prices of agricultural products which caused losses to farmers,” the Ministry asserted, explaining that this is due to the limited access to land as well as the absence of an open market, including export opportunities.


The Ministry added that livestock owners also incurred losses, as a large number of cattle and sheep died as a result of the Israeli air raids. 


It called on the international community and other concerned authorities to work towards lifting the Gaza siege, adding that compensation should be paid to farmers and workers in the agricultural sector. 



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