Tuesday 21 May 2024 
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Hamas: Zionist flag march a failed Judaization attempt

Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha said in a statement issued Wednesday that "the Zionist flag march is a failed attempt to implement racist Judaization plans."

Taha stressed that the Israeli occupation's policy of Judaizing Occupied Al-Quds and Aqsa Mosque will not alter their Arab and Islamic character.


The Judaization march comes as part of the Zionist systematic targeting against the Palestinian people, their national identity, and their Islamic and Christian sanctities, he added.


The Palestinian people will continue their legitimate right to resistance against the Israeli occupation's malicious schemes, he reiterated.


Recently, an extremist temple mount group (Returning to the Mount organization) submitted an official request to the Israeli police asking for permission to allow Jews to enter the Aqsa Mosque in large numbers while carrying Israeli flags next Thursday, May 18.

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