Tuesday 25 June 2024 
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Qatari group slams Israeli participation in sports event in Doha

A prominent Qatari pro-Palestine group has issued a statement condemning the participation of 17 Israeli athletes at this year’s World Judo Championship slated to take place in Doha next May.

Qatar Youth Opposed to Normalization (QAYON) urged the authorities in Doha not to allow the judokas to participate in the tournament, in a move that has garnered widespread support among Qatari citizens.


In a statement on Monday, QAYON called for refusing to grant entry visas to members of the Israeli team.


QAYON described the decision to allow Israeli female judokas to enter the country as “persistence in normalizing sports relations with the Israeli occupation state,” adding that the Qatari people reject any participation of Israeli athletes in sports events held in Qatar.


The group warned that such sport normalization would strengthen Israeli violations and crimes in Occupied Palestine and contribute to the continuity of the occupation on the Palestinian land.


“Through its participation in sports and cultural events and other activities, the Zionist entity seeks to confer legitimacy on itself and promote a human image about itself that contradicts the reality of its daily violations, terrorist behavior and ongoing oppression of the Palestinians,” QAYON said.


QAYON urged the judo fans and the Qatari people to boycott what it called “this shameful porting event.”



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