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Int’l Quds Day
unites Sunni and Shia

Eric Walberg

 Canadian university professor: We are still far from achieving an independent Palestine. This can only happen if Sunni and Shia can work together against our common enemy, US-Israel.


Tehran (odsna)- The Late Imam Khomeini designated the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day in order to open a new phase of solidarity with Palestinians and invite Muslim and freedom-loving nations to be vigilant in the face of Zionism and global arrogance.
Following is an interview of qodsna reporter with Canadian university professor Eric Walberg and journalist specializing in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia about the importance of Quds Day and the effects of it on Palestinian equation.  

Q:  Considering the developments across the occupied territories over the past years, what kind of change has the International Quds Day brought about in the Palestinian equation?
A: Unfortunately, nothing the Palestinians or their supporters do can stop the Zionist steamroller. The mad frenzy of Zionists to kill, dispossess, expel and terrorize Palestinians continues full force. These are terrible times.


Q:  In your opinion, what goals did Imam Khomeini have in mind by designating the International Quds Day?
A: Imam Khomeini made defense of Palestine Iran's top international priority. Only Iran has been steadfast in supporting the Palestinian resistance.
The Arab world is caught in the clutches of American empire. It is afraid to help the Palestinians to push Israel to negotiations. The symbolic and real support for Palestine continues to be Iran's top priority. The Arab world may now be moving closer to Iran.


Q:  Considering the developments in Palestine, the region and the world, can it be said that the International Quds Day has moved towards the realization of its goals?
A: We are still far from achieving an independent Palestine. This can only happen if Sunni and Shia can work together against our common enemy, US-Israel.

Q:  What are the most important developments in Palestine that can be considered as the blessings and results of the World Quds Day?
A: It is vital to celebrate Palestine during Ramadan, the one celebration that unites Sunni and Shia.
Sadly, Zionists in the West are powerful and act to prevent Qods Day celebrations.
During covid epidemic, it was not observed broadly, and there is no preparation to hold it this year in Toronto, though it will be held in London and Istanbul.


Q:  Due to the revival of armed resistance in the West Bank and the internal challenges of the Zionist regime, what horizon do you foresee in the path of Israel's collapse?
A: Every day Jews supposedly pray to 'meet in Jerusalem (Al-Quds)'. Well, every day millions of us pray to 'meet in Palestine'.
We live on a wing and a prayer now, but the passion to achieve justice for the Palestinians burns brighter every day. We cannot let evil triumph. The struggle will continue.


Q:  Many governments claim to support the cause of Palestine. The Islamic Republic of Iran has defined support for the cause of Palestine as one of its priorities since the first day of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Is there any difference between Iran and other governments in real supporting Palestine?
A: Other governments are hypocrites. All countries support a 2-state solution in Palestine, but that was just being polite, and is no longer realistic.
The cowardly western countries bow to Zionist demands. We must keep shouting to the world, standing up for truth. There is no alternative.

Eric Walberg is known worldwide as a journalist specializing in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. A graduate of University of Toronto and Cambridge in economics, he has been writing on East-West relations since the 1980s. He has lived in both the Soviet Union and Russia, and then Uzbekistan, as a UN adviser, writer, translator and lecturer. Presently a writer for the foremost Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram, he is also a regular contributor to Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Global Research, Al-Jazeerah and Turkish Weekly, and is a commentator on Voice of the Cape radio.

Interview by Sirous Shirzad

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