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Pirates of Zionist Judea
not pleased with Iran- Saudi deal

Mark Glenn

 Qodsna (Tehran) - Iran and Saudi Arabia have reached an agreement in the Chinese capital of Beijing to restore their diplomatic relations and re-open embassies and missions, seven years after their ties were broken off over several issues.


American political analyst, Mark Glenn in an exclusive interview with qodsna talked about the major effects of this agreement on the Palestinian issue and the causes of the Zionist regime’s concerns regarding it.


Mark Glenn is a writer and co-founder of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an interfaith forum dedicated to uniting Muslims and Christians against Zionists. He has his own blog The Ugly Truth.


The following is the full text of the interview:


Qodsna: What effect will the deal have between Iran and Saudi Arabia for resumption of ties on regional and international equations equitation, especially in the Persian Gulf?


Mark Glenn: The best indicator as to the effect that any new development will have in the Middle East is what it is that the Israeli/Jewish press has to say about it, and overall, it appears that this event has taken them by surprise and that the pirates of Zionist Judea are not pleased with it, either in its likely short term results or in the long term.


It must be remembered that America is as much a country occupied by the pirates of Judea as is Palestine. They own our money, our media, and our political system.


Furthermore, the minds of the people can be divided into 2 spheres of occupation. The secular left is occupied (mentally) by a completely corrupt culture made so by Jewish ownership of Hollywood and media, while the ‘religious right’ is occupied by a mind-virus just as destructive as the morally-corrupt culture produced by Hollywood, which is Christian Zionism. Indeed, the ‘deep state’ is like 2 opposite rows of teeth within a shark’s mouth that devours and destroys its prey using both sides.


Having said this, China does not suffer from the same political/social ‘occupation’ as does America, and for that reason, it will move unilaterally in ways that suit it’s interests without respect for the corrupting influences of a country such as Israel. Furthermore, China is a very powerful country, militarily, economically and demographically, and therefore, no one in their right mind is going to engage in open confrontation with it as they would a country that is weak and ineffective against Israel’s machinery of death and corruption.


Qodsna: What are the causes of the Zionist regime's concern about the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

Mark Glenn: The worry on the part of the pirates of Judea can be summed up and understood by a simple 3 letter word, and that word is WAR.


Everything Israel has achieved in terms of territory and the acquisition of political power has been done through the mechanism of war, whether we are talking about 1948, 1967, as well as all the various massacres it has brought about since then in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, to say nothing of its influence in bringing about the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria.


Having said this, it has been gearing up for ‘the big one’--meaning an inter-Islamic war between the Sunni and Shia for a long time, and Saudi Arabia was to be a major player in those plans, given the KSA’s central position in Islamic history.


China’s intercession in this regard has therefore been a devastating blow to these plans of bringing about the Malhama which Israel needs to take place if its long range goal of stealing everything from the Nile to the Euphrates is to occur in the manner as its Judaism demands.


Qodsna: What is the impact of this agreement on developments in Palestine?

Mark Glenn: Sad to say, in the short term, this development does not bode well for the Palestinians. Israel, having been deprived of the inter-Islamic war that it was planning to initiate will pour its diabolical wrath out upon the Palestinians who have always been the sacrificial victim of Israel’s bloodlust.


However, given Iran’s unswerving devotion to the Palestinian cause and to the liberation of Al Quds from the forces of Dajjal, bringing the KSA into this suggests that the possibility exists of uniting ALL Islam around the cause of liberating the Holy Land from the diabolical clutches of the pirates of Judea, and especially if Russia lends her weight in terms of military, political and diplomatic power to the cause and in the process, bringing along with her a large part of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.



At the end of the day however, all must acknowledge the fact that Dajjal Israel–being deprived of her planned conquest–is likely to do her very worst, which is to use its vast arsenal of nuclear and biological weapons that could conceivably kill billions of people around the world, a disaster that became an almost inevitability as soon as the Jewish state was allowed to be born by the corrupted Christian West nearly a century ago.