Thursday 30 May 2024

Palestine regrets FIFA's decision to strip Indonesia of hosting World Cup

The Palestine Higher Council of Youth and Sports expressed its regret over FIFA’s decision to strip Indonesia of the hosting rights of this year's Under-20 World Cup in response to nationwide protests against Apartheid Israel.

"Though we believe sports and politics need to be separated, it is hard to turn a blind eye to national demands because this negates democracy," said the Council in a press statement, WAFA reported.


The statement added, "The Palestinian people are suffering death and destruction at the hands of an occupation empowered by the most extremist, racist, right-wing government in Israel’s short modern history."


The Council said it was "sad to see the double standards employed by the civilized world in response to similar scenarios when performed by different actors."


"While taking a split-second decision to bar Russia from international competitions over its invasion of the Ukraine, both the IOS and FIFA have refrained for decades from taking any small measure against Israeli for its illegal occupation of Palestine, its ongoing violations against human rights, its racism, segregation and systematic destruction of Palestinian infrastructure," the statement pointed out.


"Instead, FIFA decides to punish those who stand with the victims, rather than punish the perpetrators."


The statement urged FIFA to employ equal standards in the affairs of international football.


"Indonesia would not have been in this situation had FIFA enforced its rules in the case of Israel as it did in Russia. We regret that this has caused Indonesia its hosting rights, but assure every supporter of our just cause that more countries will soon be following in Indonesia’s footsteps. Apartheid needs to be opposed."

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