Thursday 13 June 2024

14% of Palestinian prisoners suffer from various diseases

The Palestine Center for Prisoners' Studies has reported that 4,800 Palestinian citizens are currently held in Israeli prisons, 14% of whom suffer from various diseases.

In a report issued on Saturday, the center underlined that at least 650 patients are held in Israeli prisons, pointing out that 19 of them are diagnosed with cancer or cancerous tumors.


“The number of Palestinian prisoners who suffer from serious health conditions increased in the last three years,” the report revealed, adding that prisoner Walid Daqqa, 61, who suffers from spinal cancer, started to suffer from severe pneumonia, acute renal failure and low blood pressure.


The report stressed that 160 Palestinian prisoners suffer from dangerous diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, muscular atrophy, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension.


It asserted that Palestinian prisoners are subjected to the Israeli policy of medical neglect, warning that the life of sick prisoners might end at any moment.


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