Thursday 08 June 2023

Netanyahu reportedly postpones visit to London due to refusal of pilots to fly plane

Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to postpone a visit to London for a day due to the refusal of a number of pilots to fly a plane with him on board, a British newspaper reported, citing a source.

"It is understood that Israeli pilots have been refusing to take Mr Netanyahu to the UK," the UK government source said, as quoted by the newspaper, Sputnik reported.  


The refusal of the pilots is associated with Netanyahu's plans to reorganize the Israeli legal system, which caused mass protests in the country, the newspaper added.

The minister will fly to the United Kingdom on Friday morning, the report noted.


Thousands have been protesting against the judicial reform in Israel for almost 11 weeks now. On Thursday, demonstrations against the reform took place near Netanyahu's residence and houses of other cabinet members.


The draft law presented by Justice Minister Yariv Levin in January, if adopted, will significantly curtail the powers of the Israeli Supreme Court and give the government control over the procedure of the appointment of judges.


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