Thursday 08 June 2023

Hamas condemns Knesset’s bill enabling return to evacuated settlements

The Hamas Movement has condemned the Israeli Knesset for approving a bill enabling Jewish settlers to return to settlements north of the occupied West Bank that were evacuated in 2005.

In a press statement on Tuesday, the Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha said that such a decision comes as part of the Israeli settlement expansion and Judaization plans, stressing that such plans will be met with more resistance. 


Taha called on the international community to assume its responsibility and stop the Israeli racist crimes against the Palestinian people, lands, and holy sites, that violate all international laws and conventions.


Earlier today, the Knesset passed the second and third readings of a bill that repeals the clauses of the Disengagement Law that ban Jewish settlers from living in the region where four settlements were established. 


The bill, whose first reading was advanced a week ago, allows Jewish settlers to return to the four illegal settlements of Homesh, Ganim, Kadim, and Sanur, which were evacuated in 2005.


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