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Iranian women pioneering in scientific, educational arenas

During the 44-year-long life of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian women have shone in different political, social, cultural, scientific, educational, and artistic arenas at national and international levels.

The Islamic Republic has provided the Iranian female population with the opportunity to study at universities and the system sees educated women as one of the most important social assets of the country.


As Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has time and again emphasized the need for Iranian women’s contribution to various cultural, scientific, economic, political, and social aspects.


According to President Ebrahim Raisi, there is not any important historical event in which women have not played a role, so women should not be marginalized or isolated.


Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran Mohammad Ali Zolfigol said that the number of students stood at 170k prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution but increased to more than 3.3 million, and in some years, to 4.2 million students in the fourth decade after the victory.


The minister noted that 60 percent of the mentioned students are female; thus, women can play a special role in the country.


Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, most of the female pupils were keen on studying art and medical sciences at universities, but nowadays they study in all majors including engineering and agriculture.


Ali-Bagher Taherinia, head of the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, said that the population of academics at Iranian universities has increased 13 times since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.


At the present time, 9,340 female professors teach at medical sciences universities throughout Iran.


Global statistics show that 28 percent of researchers are women. It is worth mentioning that Iranian women are among those researchers, who presented much research at domestic and international levels.


The Iranian women have succeeded in playing key roles in managing startups and accelerators, facilitating groups and companies active in agriculture, industries, architecture, pharmaceutical, and economic sectors, they also shone in the entrepreneurship area.


More than 32 percent of active members of economic and trade firms are women and they have established 250 knowledge-based companies. Some 735 women are managing directors of knowledge-based firms. Moreover, around 4,000 women manage 20 percent of entrepreneurship centers in the Islamic country.








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