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IOA to confiscate 45 dunums north of Salfit

The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) on Sunday decided to confiscate 45 dunums of Palestinian lands in Deir Istiya town north of the West Bank city of Salfit.

Moath Salman, the mayor of the town, said in a press statement that the IOA delivered a notice stipulating the confiscation of 45 dunums belonging to the Palestinian family of Mansour.


The land to be confiscated is located in the area of Jabal ad-Dib north of Deir Istiya, adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Emanuel.


Meanwhile, Jewish settlers tried to confiscate Palestinian lands in the Naba’ al-Majour area south of Deir Istiya.


According to activist Nathmi Salman, Jewish settlers from the illegal settlement of Havat Yair planted orange and lemon trees in 40 dunums of Palestinian lands belonging to the Palestinian family of Abu Hajlah as a prelude to confiscating it. 


Activist Salman underlined that Nachala Settlement Movement plans to organize an activity on Monday that aims at planting trees in 60 dunums in the Wad Abbas area west of the town.


In a related development, the IOA issued stop-work orders against six houses and two agricultural rooms in Deir Balut town south of the West Bank city of Salfit, according to Samir Yusuf, mayor of the town.


He pointed out that the IOA delivered 55 orders against Palestinian structures in the town in the last three months.