Tuesday 05 March 2024 
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Hamas 'strongly' condemns Sudan-Israel normalization

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas "strongly" condemned the Sudanese announcement on the normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation state.

"In the strongest possible terms, we condemn the announcement made by the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs on the normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation," Hamas denounced in an official statement.


The statement added: "Hamas believes that this move contradicts the general Sudanese stance against the normalisation of ties with the Israeli occupation state and supports the just Palestinian cause."


It added: "This announcement coincides with the fascist Israeli occupation's escalation of its crimes against the Palestinian people as it has killed 35 Palestinians since the start of 2023 so far, including women and children, let alone colonial settlement expansion and desecration of Christian and Islamic holy places."


Concluding the statement, Hamas expressed: "We reaffirm our rejection of all forms of normalisation with the settler-colonial occupation and call on the Sudanese leadership to backtrack on this decision that contradicts the interests of the brotherly people of Sudan and would only serve the Israeli occupation's agenda."


This came following a meeting between Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his Sudanese counterpart Ali Al-Sadiq in Khartoum.


Following the meeting, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said: "It has been agreed to move forward towards the normalisation of relations between the two countries."


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