Monday 26 February 2024

Palestinian female captives to go on hunger strike

A newly released prisoner has said that the Palestinian female captives in Ramon jail will have to go on hunger strike if the Israeli prison service persists in maltreating and suppressing them.

In press remarks on Saturday, Shurouq al-Badan, who was released last Thursday from Ramon jail following 14 months of administrative detention, affirmed that the incarceration conditions of the detained women in this prison became much worse than before following the repressive Israeli campaign that was launched recently against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.


Six of those women are being locked up in isolation cells, according to Badan.


“The female prisoners will be forced to go on hunger strike if their exposure to maltreatment does not stop in Israeli jails,” she warned.


She also said that the Palestinian women detainees in Damon prison are deprived of any medical care, especially Israa al-Jaabis, who suffers from a difficult health condition.


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