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Following Al-Quds operation, Lions' Den carries out 4 attacks on IOF

The Palestinian Resistance group says the operations were carried out against several Israeli occupation targets in different locations.

The Lions' Den Resistance group (Areen Al-Ousoud) announced on Saturday morning that it had carried out 4 shootings targeting Israeli occupation forces in the vicinity of Nablus, in the northern West Bank.


According to the group, "Soldiers of Al-Areen carried out 4 shootings, inflicting serious injuries [among Israeli forces]."


The Resistance said it had targeted the Hawara Israeli occupation checkpoint and the Hawara military base, located south of Nablus, late Friday night.


Operations also targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers on the road leading to the "Shafi Shamron" settlement, northwest of Nablus, and the "Ennab" settlement near Tulkarm.


According to the Lion's Den statement, the group also targeted on Saturday morning the "Elon Moreh" settlement located east of Nablus.


The Resistance group confirmed that all its fighters retreated safely.


The operations come after the complex shooting that was carried out late Friday night in Al-Quds by Martyr Khayri Alqam in which he killed 7 Israeli settlers and injured others in what was described by Israeli media as a very "sophisticated and dangerous" attack.


"The attack in Al-Quds did not come out of nowhere, but rather came, apparently, in retaliation for what happened in Jenin," the Israeli media stated, adding that this comes in retaliation to the Israeli massacre that took place in Jenin two days ago and resulted in the martyrdom of 10 Palestinians, including an elderly woman.


IOF raiding the Jenin camp in occupied Palestine's West Bank early on Thursday morning was faced with heavy Resistance by residents of the camp and Resistance fighters.


According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the IOF prevented ambulance crews from accessing the Jenin Camp, opening fire directly on the emergency vehicles. Meanwhile, photos and videos taken in the camp showed the level of destruction and havoc that the IOF caused all over the refugee camp.


Also responding to the Jenin massacre, the Palestinian resistance fired two missiles from the Gaza Strip at dawn on Thursday toward the occupied city of Asqalan, in response to the Israeli aggression on the Jenin camp.


On their part, Lebanese Resistance Hezbollah said in a statement that Al-Quds shooting "confused the Israeli enemy and revealed the fragility of its security."


Hezbollah considered that the shooting comes in response to "the massacre committed by the Israeli enemy in the Jenin camp and a strong blow to the extremists' government."


The Resistance group expressed "its full solidarity with the Palestinian people, its resistance factions, and its honorable fighters."


The statement further condemned "the unjust and double hypocritic standards practiced by some Western governments and some Arab governments through their complicity and silence about the massacre committed by the Zionist enemy in the Jenin camp."


On his part, the Prime Minister of Sanaa, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, reiterated Yemen's solidarity with the project of confronting the Zionist enemy and confirmed adherence to the line of Resistance that extends from Sanaa to Palestine and Tehran.


The PM's statement came two days after the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa condemned the Israeli occupation entity's continued massacres and crimes against the Palestinian people, "the latest of which was the criminal aggressive raid carried out by its forces in the Jenin Palestinian refugee camp."