Tuesday 05 March 2024 
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Hamas: Israel-US drills prepare for new aggression in the region

The Hamas Movement has described the massive Israeli-US military maneuvers as “preparations for new aggression against regional countries.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said that these drills confirmed further the full US cooperation with the Israeli occupation state in its aggression against the Palestinian people, and the Arab nation and region.


The spokesman also said that all forms of normalization and the exchange of visits between some Arab countries in the region and the occupation state “only serve the US-backed Zionist expansionist project.”


The US and Israeli armies launched on Monday the “Juniper Oak” exercises in Occupied Palestine and the eastern Mediterranean Sea.


The all-domain maneuvers, which includes naval, land, air, space and electronic warfare exercises, is aimed at “strengthening collective US-Israeli readiness and improving the interoperability of both forces,” according to a US central command statement.


“It’s the largest and most significant exercise we have engaged in together and is intended to demonstrate that the US commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad and enduring,” Pentagon press secretary Pat Ryder told journalists last Tuesday.



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